Habit 3: Perspective-Takers

Habit #3: To be perspective-takers, seeking out, valuing and incorporating different viewpoints and positions about learners, learning, teaching and subject matter.

Being a teacher means also being a part of a community, not only your own classroom community but also the community of the school. The support system that is created among teachers is essential and priceless. Without a support system life as a teacher would be too overwhelming and stressful to teach at your 100% best. Teachers who do not make the most of this support system can easily get burnt out from teaching. Teachers are constantly relying on each other for fresh and new ideas and teaching techniques. I was so lucky to be a part of this support system at Harrington Elementary School during my student teaching. I went to my mentor teachers as well as other teachers around the school for ideas on lessons or subjects that I taught.

As a very reflective person, I was constantly looking for advice and critiques from my two mentor teachers and my field supervisor about my lessons and teaching style. Not only did I seek out advice and opinions of other teachers, I implemented it into my own teaching.

During one seminar class, we viewed videos of the other student teachers in their classroom. We were able to write notes to the student teachers and do a short evaluation of their teaching.  My seminar professor made a note about a different way to do a quick progress checks during the lesson. She suggested that I have students check each other with their partner or table-mate to see if they had the same answers in the same places. This, she said, would make the lesson flow better since I would not have to check each student each step of the way. I tried out this method and found it worked incredibly! My students not only felt responsible for helping their table-mates but also received a little bit of social interaction mid-lesson. My artifacts are the evaluation of my teaching video from my seminar professor and the lesson on which I implemented her ideas.

In the future I will continue to use this method to check students during a lesson. I always plan on taking advantage of the school’s community of teachers, as well as mentor teacher program if available. I also will rely on my own personal support group of fellow teachers from around Michigan. I will discuss with them the subjects on which I am teaching and the students in my class.

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