Habit 5: Ethically-Grounded Deliberators

Habit #5: To be morally, ethically-grounded deliberators, living and working with integrity.

In the article The Heart of a Teacher, Parker Palmer says that “good teaching comes from good people” and I completely believe in that. To be a good person, one must be fair and moral. Teachers must make decisions in an ethical and just manner and always in the best interest of their students. Not only must teachers have values and hold morals in the classroom but also in their personal lives. As a role model, a teacher cannot truly act morally in front of students but live unmorally in their own lives. The connection between good teaching and being true to yourself is so strong. You cannot pretend to be something that you are not; you cannot fake being moral, especially while being a teacher. Students can often see right through you and any sort of fake behavior.

When I first came to Albion for undergraduate college I was overwhelmed by the diversity of the city. I’m from a predominately white area so I experienced a type of culture-shock in my first year. It took me a while to get acquainted with this type of diversity. I have never become color-blind to my students but I have been able to fairly hold all expectations to each of my students. To be color-blind is to ignore the race of your students. Race is a very important part of culture and identity and therefore should not be ignored by teachers. Educators need to attempt to understand the races and identities of their students but at the same time hold all students to the same standards. Although this process for me did take some time, I have finally reached the point to where the color of a student’s skin does not factor into my expectations for him or her.

I believe that I have been able to show my personality through my lessons and through my teaching during these past few weeks of student teaching. I have treated my students with the same respect that I ask from them. I am able to show them how much I care about them and how dedicated I am to our class while still commanding authority of the classroom and demanding the attention of my students.

The artifact that I included is a note from my mentor teacher from the end of my student teaching semester. In my own classroom I will do my best to always remember that in order to be a good teacher, I must be a good person inside and out of the class.


Note from Mentor Teacher

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