Standard 7


Proficiency of Professional Standards of Michigan Teachers




Technology Operations and Concepts-

Use of technological tools, operations, and concepts to enhance learning, personal/professional productivity, and communication including the ability to:









Sub-Standards of Standard 7

Explanation of when/where/how I met the appropriate level of mastery

a. Understand the equity, ethical, legal, social, physical, and psychological issues surrounding the use of technology in K-12 schools and apply those principles in practice;

This was touched on during a technology seminar with Guy Cox during my student teaching.

b. Successfully complete and reflect upon collaborative online learning experiences;

During my student teaching experience I was able to create an online learning environment on Moodle for my students.

c. Demonstrate an understanding of and the ability to create an online learning experience and demonstrate continued growth in knowledge of technology operations, resource evaluation for quality, objectivity, and reliability and concepts including strategies for teaching and learning in an online environment.  

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Narrative Artifact

d. Plan, design, and evaluate effective technology-enhanced learning environments and experiences aligned with Michigan’s Content Standards and Grade Level Content Expectations and Michigan Educational Technology Standards for each student.

On my Moodle site I used online resources to enhance the Michigan standards which were addressed in my lessons.

e. Implement curriculum plans that include effective technology-enhanced methods and strategies to maximize student learning;

During my lessons on the Statue of Liberty I used online resources to help my students better understand the statue.

f. Apply technology to facilitate a variety of effective assessment and evaluation strategies; and  

While student teaching, the students in my class were evaluated through the Accelerated Reader computer program for comprehension during reading.

g. Use technology to engage in ongoing professional development, practice, productivity, communication, and life-long learning.  

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Narrative Artifact


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