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American Flag

Here, I will display my own unit plan which I have created for my class during student teaching. This unit is a collection of lesson plans for both Social Studies and Guided Reading, and the lessons total to about 8 hours of instruction. My theme for all of it is the Patriotism in the USA. The guiding question is:

What is patriotism to a first grade student?


Connections to Students:

In order to make this material relevant to my students I made the driving question to this unit more specific to the students, “What is patriotism to a first grader from Albion, MI?” Patriotism can mean something different to everything, and definitely takes on a different meaning to an adult than to a child. I wanted to teach my students about their country as well as educate them in some ways in which they personally can show their love and pride for America. I used songs and poems, many of which my class was already familiar with, to talk about the diverse country in which we live. Another reason I used songs and poems was that this does not require traveling across the country to pay respect to memorials or see with their own eyes the Liberty Bell. When a topic or symbol was unfamiliar to them, the lesson was adapted. I had many color pictures available so that my students could see what these symbols actually look like. Some lessons required more time than for which I had originally planned, but in order to explain the full concept or idea, we took the extra time.




I created lessons for this unit in both social studies and guided reading. The guided reading portion of this unit consists of many songs and poems. These were read for fluency as well as comprehension. I used the social studies portion support knowledge and facts about the United States.



1.C2.0.1 Explain how decisions can be made or how conflicts might be resolved in fair and just ways.

1.C2.0.2 Identify important symbols of the United States of America (e.g. Statue of Liberty, Uncle Sam, White House, Bald Eagle).

Both of the social studies benchmarks above were not only addressed throughout the unit but were driving forces through all of the lessons.

The first benchmark was addressed in each of the lessons and activities about voting. As a class we discussed how the American president is chosen and why voting is a fair way to make a decision. We also applied this method to our own classroom and why this method works for solving problems for us as well!

The second benchmark was addressed multiple lessons as we learned about American symbols. Each day we would look at a new symbol. We would discuss its purpose and significance as well as its location and appearance.

The final assessment checks for understanding in both of these benchmarks.

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